Oh the places we go!

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Nashville Tennessee that is! I practically leapt out of my well worn cowgirl boots at stopping at Rustic Archeology. It’s the store from American Pickers, a show after my own repurposed heart. I’ve had a love of vintage things since I was a little girl when I found a vintage camera on a walk with my dog. Ahh … the retro, vintage vibe, the possibilities. The camera sat in a place of honor in my room … next to Barbie. Picking seems to be a life long love. I related so much to Mike, the American Pickers host when he ‘EEKed!’ at his find. It brought tears to my eyes. For being a girly girl I sure like rust, and the potential! What a mixture!
Soooo … back to Nashville … Rustic Archeology … the recipe: a mix of a beautiful spring day, live, folky, relaxed acoustic guitar, a heavy dose of Edison bulbs, vintage type writers, repurposed items and signs, and to put icing on the cake … white, chippy painted signs and thingys (is that even a word?). Yea! A Designers feast! And did I mention it’s all housed in a restored Marathon Motor Company plant? The subtle waft of coffee filled the air. Yes, there is a heaven on earth, and it is located in Nashville. Also housed in this restored building: a coffee shop, an amazing hat shop, history information, very cool photos, historic and well-worn wood floors, and exposed ceilings. Yea! I mustn’t forget the repurposed jewelry store with findings housed within mini drawers that used to house ink press letters … amazing! To top off the metaphorical iceburg of repurposed finds … an Interior Design shop/studio. So by now I was trying to pick myself up off the floor, thanking my rusty stars that I was here. Enjoy my fellow refound, renewed, repurposed, or finding ones purpose friends. It’s okay. We are all loved here … come as you are kinda friends … enjoy the pictures!

About refoundesign

Hi! I obtained a B.S. in Interior Design with a focus in Art History. After working in computer aided design and years of child rearing the embers of artistic creativity are being rekindled and I've begun working a mix of media including photography, folk art painting, and repurposing vintage finds. I love sharing in the joys and inspiration of other creative bloggers as well. Welcome! Heather
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