Feeling yellow today….a new mixed media painting……

IMG_2635Feeling, well, yellow today!  Remembering on this June 26th, a special day for me, friends old and new……

A very dear friend that is no longer around gave me yellow roses once on June 26th.  Yellow, a sign of friendship……

Being a sentimental sort, I felt it was in keeping with the memory to sit down in my painting nook and create a piece in remembrance…

To back up a bit, I choose the name for my business and blog, Refoundesign, not only because of refinding and reworking objects from bygone  eras and making them new again.  It is also, about refinding my own creative process, reworking , pulling happy memories from the past, closing the door on some, and using them as a vehicle to create beautiful work.  Drawing on inspiration, a common theme around here.  Refinding what means most to me.  Creating a beautiful life…..What a process…..

I appreciate what I have drawn and learned from many people that have been placed in my life.  Mentor’s and friends.  The encouragement, faith, hope, and love helped me to take a step forward into Refoundesign…

Refinding how important it is to create…to take the time to create.  It’s become not just the piece itself in the end to be enjoyed, but all the events, travels, sites seen and experienced, people met along the way that go into the true inspiration of the final work.  Like the transformation of a flower, a seed is planted, nurtured, watered, feed, cared for, patience involved along the way….a bloom begins to sprout, subtle, but exciting, now one gets to sit back and watch the beauty of its unfolding, watching as it blooms.  Breathtaking…

The outcome as I reemerged from my nook.  Completion, that in itself is a victory!  I entitled it, Spreading My Wings, Singing My Own Song”. _DSC0163 _DSC0159 _DSC0160 _DSC0165 _DSC0159 _DSC0164

In commemoration of June 26th and sunny days ahead….. I only wish I could say it in person…..

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”.   – Eleanor Roosevelt

Couldn’t have said it any better……….Heather


About refoundesign

Hi! I obtained a B.S. in Interior Design with a focus in Art History. After working in computer aided design and years of child rearing the embers of artistic creativity are being rekindled and I've begun working a mix of media including photography, folk art painting, and repurposing vintage finds. I love sharing in the joys and inspiration of other creative bloggers as well. Welcome! Heather
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