“Overcomer”, The story behind my mixed media painting…

Imagine a peaceful day…

Sunny, the air smells so sweet that your lungs can’t get a deep enough breath to inhale the depth of the complex sweet aroma’s of nature’s blooms…

Taking a restorative walk in nature’s wonderland…partaking in the earth’s greatest blessings.  Butterflies gently explore from petal to petal, birds serenading you, what seems like a concert all in itself.

Peace….Then, you are almost hit, let’s say, by a car, then screamed at as they drive by…better yet, you recognize the person as they drive past…not stopping…sigh…Do you continue your deep cleansing breaths?  Your peaceful walk?, or does the needle scratch off the record and you stop walking in the gift so freely bestowed on you?…Guess what?

I get to choose…You get to choose.

I love that…I have learned on my journey to grab ahold of those powerful words, “I get to choose”.

I would love to write that that is always what I have done…made the best choice.  I humbly have to say, “No”.  I think, if I had, I wouldn’t be writing this, or touching my hand to the canvas…

It’s been a process of discovery, like peeling the layers of an onion…So, no guilt here revealing some choices haven’t always been the wisest of ones…

Some days, my walk has been to turn around, stop my peaceful stroll and let it so to speak, be driven by what has, “Hit me”.  So, how does this word picture end or as I would like to say, “Begin again?”.  By making the choice to not let those drive by’s dictate the day…

I choose to breath deeply again, to continue on, one step at a time, enjoying the beauty.  Standing against being robbed by circumstances and such.

If I do choose poorly, I too allow these situations power.  Then, when do I get the opportunity to exercise my calling and gifting…Writing, painting, friendship, restoring myself?

To the the “Refinding”, of good choices, in strength and in peace, I begin to paint…

Mix media painting

Mix media painting

_DSC0160 _DSC0161 _DSC0163, “Overcomer”, is what I shall call it…

About refoundesign

Hi! I obtained a B.S. in Interior Design with a focus in Art History. After working in computer aided design and years of child rearing the embers of artistic creativity are being rekindled and I've begun working a mix of media including photography, folk art painting, and repurposing vintage finds. I love sharing in the joys and inspiration of other creative bloggers as well. Welcome! Heather
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