Country Living Fair Tennessee, inspiration…hoarding, self realization…

This spring I had the opportunity to hit the road on a mother-daughter road trip to the Country Living Fair in Tennessee.  Country Living trips have become a much needed respite over the years for many reasons.  A kind of roadmap to finding myself and others…

You might relate here…Have you ever blocked out a weekend  to work in the attic or basement, then spent lingering too long amongst the photo albums and loose pictures?  This would be my muse.

As I sat this morning in my studio, early morning, being my best thinking time, candlelight , soft music, bold coffee, sun rays peeking in around paint bottles and curtains, stretching beams of, “Good morning Heather”, across my space.  I lingered on the years of Country Living pictures.  At first, it included, inspirational art works and displays others created. Then, it progressed to the fascinating people that I had the privilege of meeting, to current 2016, a few snap shots of key pieces purchased, a token of a weekend well spent…

Hang on here, I have a point…

I remember an old friend once sharing with me, that you can collect the best research, ideas, education and the like, but until you take a step, all of those ideas are just ideas waiting to happen.

What is interesting to me is that my Country Living photos showed this mindset.  The progression from gathering inspiration from others, educating myself, to taking small steps, to finding like minded, inspirational friends, to now it’s time to take a leap!

In sharing this, sometimes I question myself.  Does anyone want to hear this?  Is it too personal? Then, I draw on my own experiences…I’ve come far on the journey because of others whom encouraged me with bold honesty, fears and all.  That’s real life.  This has become one of my main inspirations…people and there stories, messy and all.

This being said, what stuck out to me at the fair was a rather silly t-shirt which reads, ” It isn’t actually HOARDING if your stuff is really cool”.  So why did I purchase this?  Again, as an artist, the entire world is an art project, hence, my beautifully messy, inspiring artist studio filled with keys, buttons, sea shells, delicious paint pots, all waiting in erst to become a future masterpiece. Well, to  a science brain or OCD person it might just spell, S_C_A_R_Y!

I like to keep my blog and self positive, however, in life, we live in a world this isn’t always so, I’ve learned, choose what to take in and make the best of, the yuck stuff, not allowing it to control and permeate your thoughts. The point in sharing this is truly introspective.

The older I get, the more I realize how important, encouraging people, loving people are to my life.  They add a greater dimension to the art journey.

A past friend shared with someone that I was a hoard.  When my friend shared this with me, the ironic part is, she considers herself openly a massive hoarder (Not really, I think she’s just creative!)  We laughed, considered the source, they struggle with the opposite spectrum, OCD.  I find it Ironic that both are on opposite sides of the spectrum, yet one seems to be, at times, glorified over the other but a problem as well.

I considered this a compliment…

This experience lead me even closer to my current art goal.  I cannot wait to share how it is unfolding…

In the meantime, I have learned to love who I am now…messy, neat, creative, caring and most importantly, I know who I am…

I then purchased at the fair a small matted print which reads,”She didn’t need to be saved, she needed to be found and appreciated for exactly who she was”.


If you art an “Artsy” folk, it’s okay, just as you are.  If you are a “Science” brain, it’s okay.

I’m a strong believer in what was intended for evil, we get as humans to choose to turn it for good.  So, thank you, for the opportunity friend to turn this to good.

As the sun now dances about me, I smile.  I am all the stronger in the journey, still growing, trying to challenge myself.  These opportunities have made me a better artist, friend, wife and mother.

As a side note…I feel truly blessed to share this journey with my amazing husband, yes, a Science brain, that accepts me for EXACTLY _DSC0304 _DSC0305 _DSC0306whom I am, messy closets and all!

Until soon!



About refoundesign

Hi! I obtained a B.S. in Interior Design with a focus in Art History. After working in computer aided design and years of child rearing the embers of artistic creativity are being rekindled and I've begun working a mix of media including photography, folk art painting, and repurposing vintage finds. I love sharing in the joys and inspiration of other creative bloggers as well. Welcome! Heather
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