Power of friendship, a mixed media painting…

I’ve tried writing a friendship story many times over…

Sometimes when something is so sacred to one, it’s hard to write about, so I paint….so here it is, with many layers, similar to to my friendships as well as life stories.

I see life much like creating a patchwork quilt, so, I’ve actually never made one, but I appreciate my great-grandmothers, filled with unique snippets, cast off pieces, once forgotten, brought back to life again.  An especially important component to the beautiful quilt, sewn over time like a web.

I try to listen to my inner voice and calling, sometimes fear can get in the way.  FEAR, pretty much I think the ugliest of all words.  Amazing how something that small, four letters, if you will, can cause so much paralyzation and powerlessness if left unchecked, even physical symptoms.  So,let’s put fear aside for the rest of the story…six years ago I concurred that word and truly listened to my inner voice.

I grabbed a book from my shelf and headed out to a local art fair that I had been attending for the past 20 years.  I had no intention of going that year, but with an hour remaining, I surrendered to my prompting and headed out to deliver that book to a lady with whom I saw at an art booth for years, yet never met.

As I waited for her to finish, she looked up and said, ” Do you ever feel like God brings people into your life for a reason”? I replied a simple, “Yes, that’s why I’m here”….Six years later our friendship journey continues…

I was blessed for bravery that day and am blessed today with a best friend…

What I have learned throughout this journey is how important friendships are.  They ripen, unripened fruit in life and add sweetness we would never know without them.

To say the least our journeys haven’t been easy, in the moments of weakness, our bond grew stronger, as we did too.  As I look back on many memories with my friend; art shows, traveling, Goodwill hunting, laughing, grieving, I see how important this was as part of our journeys to investigate our true callings…

Which brings me six years later, here, in my home, peaceful, appreciating moment to moment life.

Six years ago, I also took a pledge to follow my promptings, not fearlessly, that seems reckless at times, but with bravery, that sounds better…

Interesting as I reflect on what I strive for…to be transparent in who I am, what I’m called to be, to be a good steward of my body, mind, spirit.

This winter past I started a brave group with people that I didn’t know.   I reached out.  Amazing what happens when you reach out.  I used to say, ” I will when I feel better or my house is neat or I have more time”.  Guess what?  Life will pass you by.  My brave group met me right where I am, imperfect and all.  We each had a mission of six weeks to work on something.  Each of us had something different; taking a leap with a new job, restoring a broken relationship, forgiveness, the list went on.  Different, yet a common thread woven together, to move forward and create something beautiful from broken pieces, must like the patchwork quilt.

Reflecting once again on six years ago, I recall sitting in my kitchen, early morning, kids still asleep, coffee in hand, praying they would stay in slumber until the first cup was consumed.  I discovered blogs.  I joined other like minded artists that encouraged me to keep moving forward with my calling.  I learned about Kelly Rae Roberts, a fellow mixed media artist.  Her writings resonated true to me, as well as her art.  One day our paths would cross, I believed.

Each day I have vowed to add a new dimension to my life, however small it might be, to do better, to savor more…

As I completed the brave journey group, staying mindful to what is next, I found, The Brave Girls”, online,  sounded interesting…As I traveled this past summer to Idaho for, The Brave Girls Symposium, I felt the same prompting I had six years ago as I delivered a book to a soon to be friend.  This time, I found many friends, friends that I had discovered years ago, in my kitchen with a cup of coffee.  As I sat, the first morning of , Brave Girls, coffee in hand, finishing breakfast, sitting near Kelly Rae Roberts, sharing with her a gift I made, a necklace made from a snippet of my grandmothers quilt, sharing how I kick fear out of my life before she gave a talk…I pondered…If I hadn’t kicked fear in the butt, stepped into my inner callings this unripened fruit would never have tasted the ripened sweetness nor the sickness of my first morning cup.  With hesitation, hardship and prompting, I did it anyways…

So, I hope this is of encouragement to you…to live richer, listening to your calling, savoring in the the richness life has to offer.
_DSC0563 _DSC0564 _DSC0565 _DSC0567 _DSC0568 _DSC0569 _DSC0570 the painting, enjoy!  It reads,

Love U sister friend…

The delight in the nourishment of the first sip of tea…So too my friend is our friendship…warmth, laughter, grace, acceptance, encouragement to be BRAVE…


About refoundesign

Hi! I obtained a B.S. in Interior Design with a focus in Art History. After working in computer aided design and years of child rearing the embers of artistic creativity are being rekindled and I've begun working a mix of media including photography, folk art painting, and repurposing vintage finds. I love sharing in the joys and inspiration of other creative bloggers as well. Welcome! Heather
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