San Diego and inspiration…..artist village too!

Usually, most September’s, you will find me at the Country Living Fair. My heart…this year I diverged.  Visiting an artist community at Balboa Park and staying at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

Being a visual sort, inspiration pretty much abounds at each corner…a lover of antiques and all things vintage, Hotel Del Coronado is quite intriguing.  Such as; Being built in the 1800’s using no nails, to the large chairs custom built for William Howard Taft, to the outstanding crown chandeliers designed by the writer of, Wizard of Oz, who frequented the Del to read his stories to the children staying there, before publishing.  My favorite is the Dragon tree (See pic), which was in the film, Some Like It Hot, with Marilyn Monroe,   The director cut a part of it, without asking because he didn’t like it in his scene, little did he know that the sap from the tree hardens after dripping, a favorite of violin maker, Stratuvarrius, used on many of his violins, was not a pleasant surprise to directors to whom left there chain saw under the tree after sawing away freely.  Charles Lindbergh, enjoyed his send off dinner here before flying, Spirit of Saint Louis, as well as The Del hosting Presidential Summits.

This leads me to the outstanding artists community at Balboa Park.  Enjoy the pictures and if you get a chance to visit, run as fast as you can.  Amazing!

To sum it up…the value and richness gained creatively and spiritually  from journeys is priceless….

Until soon…Hot _dsc0590 _dsc0595 _dsc0602 _dsc0630 img_6063 img_6074 img_6094 img_6096 img_6104 img_6107 img_6108 img_6110 img_6118 img_6122 img_6132 _dsc0693 _dsc0694 _dsc0695 _dsc0698 _dsc0699 _dsc0702 _dsc0707 _dsc0708 _dsc0709 _dsc0710 _dsc0711 _dsc0713 _dsc0719 _dsc0721 _dsc0724 _dsc0730 _dsc0732 _dsc0734

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Hi! I obtained a B.S. in Interior Design with a focus in Art History. After working in computer aided design and years of child rearing the embers of artistic creativity are being rekindled and I've begun working a mix of media including photography, folk art painting, and repurposing vintage finds. I love sharing in the joys and inspiration of other creative bloggers as well. Welcome! Heather
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